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Art Wars: The Stormtrooper Scandal


When a London-based curator and artist called Ben Moore announced in 2021 that he was about to launch a sale of digital artworks known as NFTs, with images based on the iconic stormtrooper helmets from Star Wars, interest was sky-high. Buyers and investors around the world competed to own one of these prestigious artworks, many customised by leading contemporary artists. When the sale went live on 6 November 2021, every piece sold out within seconds and Ben and his colleagues became instant millionaires. But within days, it became clear that all was not what it seemed… The film has access to key figures at the heart of the story, including Ben Moore, the charismatic London curator at the centre of the apparent con-job, as well as artists who had their work featured without their knowledge, including Jake Chapman, D*Face and Chemical X, as well as the collectors who were caught up in the frenzy – before being left with nothing. The Stormtrooper Scandal is a story of speculation, greed and betrayal that took place on a new digital frontier – an unregulated world where appearances can be deceptive. But was this a scam, or a well-intentioned bid to make a fast fortune that spiralled out of control?