Playing our part in Mr Bates vs The Post Office: The Real Story

Working on the documentary Mr Bates vs The Post Office: The Real Story, was one of those moments when you know you’re involved in something truly game-changing and important.

Mr Bates vs the Post Office image

From the first rushes we were privy to, we knew we were helping to tell a powerful story – contributing to an eye-opening documentary about the widest miscarriage of justice in British history.

Mr Bates vs The Post Office: The Real Story was broadcast on ITV in 2024 and accompanied the four part drama series of the same name. Together, the drama and documentary generated extensive media coverage and the documentary went on to be nominated for Best Documentary at the Edinburgh TV Festival, as well as winning the Factual Award at The Television & Radio Industries Club TRIC Awards.

There was widespread pride in our team for playing our part in sharing the real voices of those involved in the fight for justice and conveying the details of tragic life events that the drama couldn’t accommodate.

We were commissioned to work on the documentary by production company Little Gem and in close collaboration we worked on the offline, grading, online and audio to give the narrative of this 60 minute documentary the full emotional punch it deserved.