Elliott Alderton: from 18th birthday celebrations to offline editor

It was a chance conversation between our MD at the time and a driving instructor that led Elliott to a running position in our company and freelance offline editing work in our studios today.


Our MD, Elouise Carden, asked the driving instructor if he knew any young people who wanted to get into TV and Elliott, then working in a café, got a mention. He got the job as front of house runner and started work the week of his 18th birthday, standing red-faced blowing out candles while the team sang happy birthday to him on day two.

Elliott describes how the running role gave him access to suites cutting some of his favourite prime time shows and a realisation that these shows aren’t made in a secret Hollywood lab, but by normal people, spit balling ideas and trying things out to construct something against the clock. He decided to persevere to be part of it, helped by our MD’s ethos that TV should be accessible to anyone and everyone. It didn’t matter that he hadn’t been to university. Radiant was a place where lots of people had built their career.

Becoming a MCR assistant gave Elliott the tech insights he needed for everything involved in post production and he quickly progressed to senior technical operator in the tech department, where he was responsible for training others. But still he was asked by the business what he wanted to achieve next. 

Editing was Elliott’s answer. It’s not that common for post houses to have an in-house offline editor, but our MD Ben, reached out to clients to offer Elliott’s services as an assistant editor first, for a trial period, to prove he could be a safe pair of hands in the edit.

For around a year Elliott worked with multiple production companies, in varied genres, achieving credits as editor for shows delivered to the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5 and streaming platforms including Amazon Prime, Disney+ and Paramount+. Elliott is now a freelance editor, a career achievement he says our company was instrumental in shaping.