Andy Briers: a Radiant lifer paying it forward

Andy Briers describes himself as one of our lifers, joining us when Crow TV was acquired and became Radiant. Now he’s paying forward the benefits of his career, sharing what he knows with the next generation in post.

Andy Briers

Andy’s the guy who first summed-up what we do as giving productions their final polish. It’s a phrase that chimes exactly with our Radiant name and accommodates every aspect of what we do – online, colour grading and audio – with all the deep technical skills each of those areas involves.

Polish and shine in project and client relationship management are just as important, of course, and it’s in this field that Andy works now, as our director of post production. He has a role in every production, providing a guiding hand to younger members of the team so they achieve the best possible service level and support high quality output from our creatives. He understands how effective project management sets the scene for rich creativity and everyone’s motivation for doing the job well.

Andy learned the importance of softer skills from great mentors he had along the way and now he’s enjoying passing what he’s learned on to others. Remember that client relationships are about conversations, Andy says, and working together to find a way when there’s a challenge. Sharing ideas and being positive rather than limiting, contributes to everyone working on a project together and to clients returning to work with you again.

Andy is so enthusiastic about the skills, creativity and culture of the Radiant team that he has recently bought into the business, which gained him the title of director and means everyone across the business can continue to enjoy his great insights and unlimited generosity with his knowledge.